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How to create icons with IconMage?

Enter a prompt. Select a style and size. Submit. It's that easy!

Our Reviews

My team recently launched 4 apps. 3 of the app icons are from IconMage. Saviour.


It just feels like it listens to you more when it comes to icons. I have stopped using some more popular tools for IconMage.


It's a game-changer! I can never run out of app icon ideas now.


Simple to use and unique designs. I am a graphic designer, and I love the fact that I can now deliver faster without overpaying.



What is IconMage?
IconMage is an AI icon generator platform that allows you to create custom icons using a variety of styles and options. With IconMage, you can easily create icons for your website, app, or other projects.
How much does IconMage cost?
IconMage is one of the most affordable AI image generators out there. Check details on our Pricing page.
How do I create an icon in IconMage?
To create an icon in IconMage, simply fill out the form on the Create page with your desired icon description, style and size. Once you submit the form, our system will generate a custom icon for you to download.
What styles are available in IconMage?
IconMage offers a whopping 22 styles. You can check them out on our Examples page.
What sizes are available in IconMage?
IconMage can create icons of sizes 256x256, 512x512 and 1024x1024 as per your design requirement.
Can I use the icons for commercial purposes?
Yes, you can use the icons generated by IconMage for personal or commercial purposes.
How many minimum credits do I need to buy?
You need to buy at least 30 credits for just 3 US$. You can create 1 icon per credit.
Do I get discount if I purchase more?
Yes, you do! Check out our Pricing page.
How can I provide feedback?
You can mail us at [email protected] or use our support bot.